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Funny how we measure our lives in terms of ‘before and after’. For my parents generation, it was before and after landmark events like the depression and World War 2.

The significance undoubtedly pales in comparison, but one of my ‘before and after’ events is this amazing tool called the internet. It was in
October 1995 in my condo in Winnipeg that I first entered the realm of the ‘worldwide web’, as we called it then. It was on a desktop system that cost more than $3,000, running on Windows 95.
Within a year or two, I had my own website. It was pretty basic, and if I wanted to change it, I had to pay a ‘geek’ to do it.

This blog, Roger Currie Storyteller, is my most serious effort yet to have an online presence.
I was coached and guided by a couple of Gen Y types – Jeph Maystruck in Regina, and Taylor Chance in Winnipeg.

I hope I will give you reason to visit on a regular basis.

I will be posting stories and commentaries, both in written and audio form. Hopefully there will also soon be interesting pictures and video.

I will also post stories from around the world that I think are noteworthy.

I welcome your thoughts and comments at all times.

I recently moved from Regina to Winnipeg, the city that has been home for most of my 64 years.

Regina was my home for a total of almost 11 years in two different stretches, and it is not my intention to leave that community behind.

I intend to be more than just a Labour Day weekend visitor.

As the legendary Cactus Jack Wells was fond of saying “It turned out nice again” .. May 6, 2012

Comments on: "About me" (5)

  1. Hey, Roger! Welcome to the blogosphere! I think you’ll like it here.

    Manitoba is waiting to welcome you back with open arms. All the best,

  2. Gene Meyer said:

    I look forward to reading your blogs. Thank you for including me in your notice. Best wishes for the move and what awaits you there. It will be good for you to be closer to your daughter and grandson.

  3. Best wishes, Roger! I look forward to your blog postings, and to your news of your return to Winnipeg.

  4. Alice Lalonde said:

    Congratulations Roger. It looks like you have found your niche. I love the colors at the top of your website. I get two copies so I think I must have signed up twice. It is also nice that we from the wise class can keep in touch with you this way. Hope you will be at Skara April 3rd so we can say good-bye, give you a hug, and wish you well. Liz won’t be there as she is going to China for a holiday. Your website is looking beautiful and more professional all the time. Keep up the good work. Alice L.

  5. Check out our MacMhuirich/Currie Symposium website at: The Currie’s were Scotland’s master storytellers.

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