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The joy of moving

So, what are life’s most stressful events? The careers of many brilliant minds have been dedicated to that subject, and the lists they come up with are what you might expect. Death of a spouse, divorce or separation, getting married, going to jail, etc ..

What surprised me was what I did NOT find on the top ten list … moving! That is my challenge at the moment. As most of you may already know, in a couple of weeks I’ll be heading east to Winnipeg. I’ll be back to visit often, I promise. And I will cheer for the green team at least as much as I cheer for the blue team, if I survive the stress of moving. Six years have gone by very quickly but boy do we acquire a lot of stuff !

I’m not a hoarder but I am a procrastinator. Rather than make a decision about what to do with something, I tend to put it behind a closet door. “I’ll deal with it if I ever move.” I’m beginning to think that’s why a lot of us do NOT move because the mountain just becomes too high.

Moving from one province to another in Canada brings in a whole different set of challenges. And if you want really ratchet up the stress level, try buying a new vehicle at the same time as you move across a provincial boundary.

It’s a lesson I should have learned because would you believe I did exactly the same thing 12 years ago? The human psyche must automatically protect itself by shedding stressful memories.

Over the past week I must have spent more than a full day doing the purchase and trade, figuring out insurance, transferring plates and on it goes. I can tell you that two things are absolutely certain. Safety checks are a pain the neck and probably a ripoff, and where there’s a tax to be collected, governments will figure out a way to collect it.

Oh and by the way, you know how politicians are fond of promising to eliminate red tape and paperwork and make our lives simpler. I can testify that, like the promise to ‘consult’ with stakeholders before bringing down a budget that blindsides someone, the promise about red tape and paperwork? It’s a lie.

Excuse me but it’s time to go pack more boxes.


Roger Currie is a Regina writer, broadcaster and blogger.

He currently hosts Talk of the Town every weekday at Noon, 4pm and 10pm on Access channel 7.

He will be relocating to Winnipeg at the end of April.

He can be reached at

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