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A month from now I will be traveling east on the Trans Canada, bound for Winnipeg. How I wish I had a buck for every time I have made that drive since our family motor trips in the mid-1950’s. How I wish there was still train service between Winnipeg and Regina.

This upcoming trip at the end of April will mark the second time I have returned to Winnipeg after living in Regina. I first moved to Regina to live on Valentine’s Day 1977. I was a cocky 29 year old radio broadcaster who was hired by the Armadale Siftons to run the newsroom at CKCK radio.

Fairly quickly this Winnipeg lad who had grown up with the Blue Bombers, embraced the green and white, the beloved Roughriders. The Curries have been a football family, as I’ve often written about. It was the only team sport that I was played at a competitive level, winning a Manitoba high school championship in my last year at Kelvin in 1964.

My connection to hockey is not as strong. I was an ankle skater whose career as a team player ended about age 12. I have certainly been an enthusiastic spectator over the years, and I was delighted to see the Winnipeg Jets rise from the dead in 2011.

Here is one of the more unique celebrations of the Jets’ history in Winnipeg, from a splendid choral group called Camerata Nova.

Just before Christmas, I had the good fortune to attend my first game involving the new Winnipeg Jets. What a grand night it was at the Phone Booth, the MTS Centre in downtown Winnipeg where Eaton’s used to stand. They beat the once mighty Montreal Canadiens 4-0 that night.

In their first season back, the Jets were a fabulous home team, but a less impressive road record has resulted in a finish that won’t go beyond the regular season.

Hey it could be much much worse. Right Leaf fans ?

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